Influence the Election.

0. Deciduous Overview

Deciduous allows you to voice your opinion by ranking your favorite - and least favorite - 2020 presidential candidates in order of preference. We'll walk you through the steps - below is a quick overview. When you're ready to start, tap Start My Ballot!

1. Rank Parties

This step is optional, but will make the next step easier. Rank the political parties in your order of preference. Candidates will then be pre-ranked based on their political party.

Tap the icon to mark an item as approved.

Grab and Drag approved items by the to Reorder

Or tap the icon to move an item back to undo your approval of that item.

2. Rank Candidates

Candidates will be pre-sorted based on your ranking of the political parties. Members of your favorite polital party will start out as tied for 1st.

You can then tap the icon to mark your favorite candidates as preferred overall.

You can also tap the icon to mark your least favorite candidates as least preferred overall.

Any candidates you don't act on will be ranked based on their political party; tied with the other members of their own party, ranked above members of parties that are less preferred, and ranked below members of parties that are more preferred.

3. Review

Take one last look at the candidates as you ranked them to verify they are as they should be.

4. Vote!

Cast your ballot, and then optionally provide some additional information to help strengthen the data associated with your ballot.

Note: We require you to login with your Facebook account to insure you are a real and unique person when you save your ballot. The only information we get from Facebook is your name, profile picture and your e-mail address. We don't store this information, and we do not send any information to Facebook.

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  • Strengthen your vote by providing a few more details on yourself!
    Information you provide here will not be shared with Facebook or associated with your ballot. The sole purpose of this survey is to allow us to get a sense of the population that is represented by the ballots that have been submitted.
    Are you registered to vote?
    How likely are you to vote in primary?
    Zip code (5 digit)
    Who did you vote for in 2016?
    Gender identity
    Party Identification